Facebook ads vs Google ads: Which one works best?

When it comes to the digital advertisement you might already know that there are two big players on the market. Google ads and Facebook ads. But the question is which one works best? There has been a long debate till now. Both have billions of monthly active users and both are similar but also unique in their way. Which one gives you the best returns of interest (ROI) The short answer is "It depends". But before diving into which one works best for you. It's crucial to understand the difference between Google ads and Facebook ads.

Google Ads : Google ads, formerly known as Google AdWords. Google Ads is a pay-per-click advertising platform which means you only get charged once the link is clicked. Among advertisers, Google ads are commonly known as paid search. Google process over 40,000 search queries every second and 3.5 billion queries every single day and 1.2 trillion web searches every year. These statistics will show how large the Google audience is. Nearly 70% of online users use google to search for anything and everything.

To understand how Google ads work it's important to understand how Google works. And with Google, it always starts with the person. This person has a thought or idea and they have a question and something they want to search on Google. So what they do, they go to Google and try to get these questions answered to get this pain point solved. This is the key point. When people search on Google they want to find the answer to something. And this your opportunity to show your company to show your product to show the solution that your business has to offer this person's problem. I already said Google ads are also called paid search. If you search on Google. Google will show the organic searches. Which has relevant information and quality content on the first page. But Google allocates the top 3 spots for paid search and it works on a bidding system. Paid Search focus on the targeting of keywords and relevant information related to the keyword. If your advertisement has relevant keywords and quality information that people search for. Then your ad would be placed and shown in the search result. There is a misconception Google will show the ad that has a higher budget. But it's not completely true. Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. So if you enter a relevant or exact keyword and quality content into your ad, then your ad would be placed.

Facebook ads : Facebook ads on the other hand are a perfect visual medium. While Google ads are called paid search then the Facebook ad is called paid social. Facebook uses PPC (pay per click) and also an impression-based charging system. Meaning the amount is charged only when the ad is shown in the Facebook, Instagram, or messenger feed. Facebook has over 2.7 billion monthly active users (and counting).

People use Facebook to interact and connect with new people or the people they already know or to explore new things or to see their photos of their friends or to watch funny videos Unlike Google's keywords bidding. Facebook users' patterns, like interest, behaviour, and hobbies which they collect from the user. This data is extremely powerful than you think. For example, if you are using Facebook, then they know everything about you including the things that you don't know about yourself. And it's very effective in the Facebook detailed targeting which helps new customers to find you using the user's pattern.

Similarities between Facebook ads and Google ads :

  • Both have specific geographical locations selection.
  • Both have an ads schedule timing.
  • Both have separate ads gold campaign selection, like brand awareness, leads, conversion, etc.
  • Advantages of Google ads for Facebook ads :

    Search Intent : People who search on Google may have a high buying intention. This means if your ad is placed. Peoples are more likely to click the link.

    Remarketing : Remarketing on Google is very easy. Remarketing means, if the customer has attempted to buy but for some reason, they left the transaction. Remarketing helps you to remind them of your product. If you still don't understand what remarketing is, you may search for some products on Google. But you didn't complete the action. Then you go to Facebook and you will see the same product ad there. Then you wonder how Google search products will lead to Facebook. The fact is Facebook also doesn't know how it works.

    Advantages of Facebook ads over Google ads :

    Powerfully visual : Unlike Google's text-based search ads, Facebook uses powerful visuals to attract the buyer which is way more effective than text ads. Google also has display ads but Facebook is a full and full visual medium.

    Lookalike Audience: Like I said already. Facebook collects each and every information about you which is very helpful in whom the ad should be shown. Which helps customers to find you who didn't know about your business.

    Affordable: Facebook ad campaign costs less. Compared to Google ads.

    Which works best for you?

    Like I already said "It depends"

    Google helps you find new customers, while Facebook helps a new customer find you.

    For example, if you own a mechanic shop, nobody on Facebook will search for a mechanic shop once their vehicle is stopped in the middle of the road. Likewise, nobody will read a text about a painting and buy it. You must need to find out which platform your customers are hanging out. What they are interested in, what are their pain points. Do some market research then find out which one to use.

    Facebook vs Google - The Conclusion :

    In my opinion, use both platforms. Both are very great and both are extremely powerful. If you have a limited budget and if your audience is on Google then spend 80% of the budget on Google and 20% on Facebook. Likewise, if your audience is on Facebook use 80% on Facebook and 20% on Google.

    At the end of the day, it's your work to develop your business and research properly.